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  • Place of Origin:CN;SHN
  • Brand Name:Lishan
  • Model Number:YQY-08


Working principle of pressure reducer
A, role and classification of pressure regulators
Due to high pressure gas cylinder, and gas welding and gas cutting and point of use of pressure is smaller, so it is necessary to with a pressure relief device to fall into the low pressure gas in the storage in the cylinder of high pressure gas, and should ensure that the required working pressure remained stable throughout the state. In short, the pressure reducing device is the high pressure gas into low pressure gas, and maintain the output gas pressure and flow stability of the regulating device.
Decompression device according to the different uses can be divided into oxygen pressure reducer and acetylene regulator, etc., but also can be divided into centralized and post; according to the different structure can be divided into two categories: single stage and two stage; according to the working principle can be divided into two types: positive role type and the reaction type. At present, the common domestic vacuum regulator with single stage and double stage mixed mode (the first stage is the positive effect, the second level for the reverse effect) two categories.
B, the structure and working principle of the pressure reducer
The main body of the FARFLOW 813 pressure reducing device is made of brass . Two stage pressure relief 'basic structure similar, by the valve push rod, pressure spring, elastic membrane device, pressure relief doors and other components. The first stage pressure reducing system is mainly used to reduce the pressure of high pressure gas into the medium pressure gas, to the pressure of 2MPa, and then into the second pressure relief system. In the second grade pressure reducing system, when screwing pressure regulating screw, by adjusting the pressure spring, an elastic film equipment and valve push rod and the pressure relief valve for varying degrees of opening and closing, for adjusting the first decompression system into oxygen decompression extent or stop the gas supply.
Second, FARFLOW 818 type regulator inlet joint thread size for G5/8"pipe diameter size for 5. 5mm, the air outlet joint diameter is 6mm, its maximum flow rate is 80m3 / h. Reducer body is also provided with a high pressure oxygen and low-pressure oxygen table, respectively, indicating the high pressure gas chamber (i.e. oxygen cylinders) and low-pressure gas chamber pressure (i.e. the pressure of work). The range of high pressure oxygen meter is. One 25MPa. The range of the low pressure oxygen meter is 4MPa o 0-V
When using QD-1 type pressure reducer, when clockwise screwing the adjusting screw, open the top of the pressure relief valve, high-pressure oxygen and from the slit into the low pressure chamber. The pressure is reduced by the expansion of the oxygen in the low pressure chamber, which is the effect of reducing the pressure.
, FARFLOW two-stage decompression regulator inlet joint nut thread size for G5/8", the joint diameter 7mm, the outlet pipe diameter size can according to the different needs of selected 5mm or 9mm two. The range of the high pressure oxygen meter installed on the main body is 0-25MPa, and the range of the low pressure oxygen meter is 0-4MPa.